Natureworks - Minigolf design, supply

Design and building of traditional and themed Mini Golf Courses 
732 Mt Glorious Rd, Highvale, QLD, Australia, 4520
Contact Person: David - Consultant

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Natureworks - Mini Golf Course Design

From around Australia in 19 holes to around the universe, we've designed and built both themed and traditional courses that achieve results.

Interior or exterior, realistic or fantasy. The Natureworks range of rocks, trees, dinosaurs, birds, animals and pirates and other characters all come together in our miniature golf course designs. Select the items you like most in the Natureworks range and a unique theme will create a one off original course utilizing existing components selected from our extensive collection.

Available as pre-fabricated componentry and/or site-built construction, our golf courses are suitable for indoor/outdoor, daytime/nighttime use.